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7th – 8th Grade

Course Description:

The In-School Program is offered in the fall, winter, and spring sports seasons to 7th and 8th grade students at St. Albans and the National Cathedral School. The Voyageur In-School Experiential Education Program provides students with an introduction to life fitness and responsible leadership through the use of a wide variety of adventure based games and activities. Voyageur In-School students participate in a wide range of activities with particular emphasis placed on climbing, leadership initiatives, and kayaking. Through both instruction in these activities and games designed to emphasize particular skills, Voyageur students develop an understanding of group management skills, leadership abilities, individual and group safety, and the ethics of outdoor travel.



In-school Voyageur’s climb on a weekly basis at the NCS climbing tower. The in-school climbing program emphasizes three primary factors: goal setting, technical skill development and individual / group safety. Particular emphasis in In-school climbing is placed on setting and maintaining personal goals.

Leadership Games and Initiatives

In addition to the three aforementioned activities, In-school Voyageurs frequently participate in a variety of leadership games and initiatives. These activities are designed to develop specific skills such as group communication, trust, and problem solving.


The kayaking portion of the in-school sports program takes place at the STA pool. As in the climbing program, Voyageur In-school kayaking places heavy emphasis on the development of technical skills and individual / group safety. In addition to theses two factors, students also work on developing an understanding of how to break down complex tasks by forming a practical plan for individual success.


Proper Attire: Voyageur In-school students are required to wear proper sports cloths consisting of mesh shorts and t-shirts or sweat style pants / shirts. Failure to wear sports clothes will be counted as an unexcused absence.

Attendance: Attendance is required for In-school Voyageur. Any students present during the school day but absent from Voyageur will be required to hand in a signed note on the following day explaining their absence. Unexcused absences will result in disciplinary action.

Tardiness: In-school students are expected to arrive at class on time. This is particularly important due to the time consuming nature of the activities in which we participate. Each student will be excused from one late arrival, a second tardy will result in disciplinary action.

Respect: All In-school Voyageurs are expected to treat instructors and fellow students respectfully. Group safety is of utmost importance in all Voyageur activities, and it is therefore extremely important that there be a happy, and healthy group dynamic.

Active Participation: Due to the time-consuming nature of Voyageur activities it is important that students be active from the moment they arrive to class right up until dismissal.

Appropriate Behavior: During class, In-school Voyageurs will be expected to behave appropriately at all times. Voyageur students are held to a high standard of behavior for several reasons; the most important being that inappropriate behavior can present a risk to individual and group safety

Personal and Group Safety: A high level of individual responsibility is placed in all In-school Voyageurs. With this responsibility comes an obligation to group and individual safety. Voyageur Instructors will inform students of proper safety procedures, and students will be expected to follow these guidelines at all times.